Product and pack inspection

Brand protection and consumer safety continue to rise in importance. With MULTIVAC inspection systems, you can provide efficient quality control and ensure that the pack and its labelling are faultless.

From foreign object detection to the weight check and right up to the final pack inspection, we offer you a wide spectrum of solutions for meeting statutory regulations and maintaining the highest quality standards.


The high-precision MULTIVAC checkweighers ensure that only sufficiently filled packs make their way into the retail chain. Because they are ideally matched to various products and packaging procedures, they contribute to a consistently high output and pack quality. Accuracy, reliability and simple integration into packaging lines make MULTIVAC checkweighers an efficient part of the production chain.

Metal detectors

MULTIVAC metal detectors reliably detect products with metal contamination. They aid in meeting standards such as HACCP, IFS and BRC, and contribute to a consistently high output and pack quality. Thanks to their reliability and outstanding detection performance, MULTIVAC metal detectors are an essential module in the packaging procedure.

X-ray inspection systems

MULTIVAC X-ray inspection systems make an important contribution to product and process reliability. In addition to metallic foreign bodies, they also detect non-metallic foreign bodies such as stones, glass and bones, and check the completeness of the pack contents. X-ray inspection systems can be optimally adapted to various products and packaging procedures and thus help to maintain a consistently high output and quality level, and to meet standards such as HACCP, IFS and BRC.

Visual inspection systems

Optical inspection systems from MULTIVAC are used to test the quality of packs and their labelling. Their applications range from simple tasks, such as the checking of print data and presence of labels, to complex requirements such as pattern and character recognition. For pack quality control, the offerings include various solutions which help to check the presence, position and completeness of products in a pack. MULTIVAC experts support you in defining a suitable inspection system and integrating this solution into your packaging and labelling procedure.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Visul inspection - Vision system

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