MPU100 palletising system

The MPU 100 is a compact, partially automated palletising system for Euro pallets up to a size of 800 x 1200 mm. It palletises cartons / boxes up to a size of 400 x 600 x 250 mm and up to a weight of 15 kg.

Typical layout

A transport conveyor feeds individual packs or boxes to the MPU 100. These are automatically positioned on the pallet by the IBR 260 palletising robot according to the selected palletising pattern.

Loaded pallets are moved away manually by an operator, who also feeds empty pallets to the unit, and the operator is informed about the current status by a visual signal system.

All operating, servicing and service settings are performed on a 10" touchscreen, which is integrated in the control cabinet. The robot is equipped with a separate machine control that has its own control terminal. The palletising system is confined by a safety fence with
monitored access.

The MPU 100 can be individually configured with a wide spectrum of functions and modules.

Technical features

  • Pallet type: Euro
  • Max. pallet size (mm): 800 x 1200
  • Infeed of product as: Single packs, boxes
  • Infeed of empty pallets: Single pallet, manual
  • Discharge of loaded units: Manual
  • Max. number of pallet positions: 2
  • Robot: IRB 260
  • Max. product weight (kg, incl. gripper): 15
  • Cycle duration (sec) with vacuum gripper / mechanical gripper: 3 / 4
  • Max. pallet height (mm): ≤ 1400
  • Mechanical gripper: o
  • Vacuum gripper: o
  • Handling of layers: -
  • Control cabinet: •
  • Safety fence: •
  • Length (mm): 3200
  • Width (mm): 3200
  • Height (mm): 3500



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