Conveyor systems

Trimaster conveyor systems are used for these purposes:

  • Infeed of products and trays to the packaging machine
  • Infeed of the packs to downstream modules, such as checkweighers, metal detectors, marking systems and systems for secondary packaging
  • Discharging of cartons or plastic boxes to the case loading
  • Infeed of boxes to the downstream modules such as metal detectors, box labelling and palletising

Integrated or stand-alone

Integrated into a MULTIVAC packaging line, conveyors are controlled easily via the central control terminal. Alternatively, they are available as a stand-alone version with its own machine control and a separate control terminal. In this way, they can also be integrated into otherwise incompatible packaging lines.

Usability and accessibility

As a result of its user-friendly structure and ergonomically positioned controls, MCS transport conveyors are easy and safe to use. They are accessible from both sides without obstructions and offer the required legroom for comfortable work, such as for loading products.

Hygienic Design™

Transport conveyors meet the requirements of MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™. Their construction and use of high-quality, hygienic materials ensures easy and safe cleaning.

Low-wear plastic chain conveyor

A plastic chain conveyor is used as the conveyor material; it can be used in damp areas and enables wet cleaning. The plastic chain conveyor is durable and wear resistant. An optional coating provides for better adhesion.

Zero-pressure roll conveyor

RollMaster roll conveyor is designed for different box and product types throughout the production. It has zero –pressure control concept as standard including separate motors for each section enabling reliable and safe product transportation between different production areas.

Conveyor system

Conveyor system

Conveyor system

Zero-pressure Roll Conveyor

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